Bacon-Wrapped Deliciousness

25 delicious recipes all wrapped in bacon- veggies, meats, even fruits and healthier (ha!) options

If you want to take a great recipe and make it better, just wrap it in bacon!

Last summer my garden was producing more jalapenos than I knew what to do with.  Jalapeno poppers filled with creamy cheese and wrapped in smoky bacon quickly became a family favorite.  Who knew there are so many delicious ways to take bacon to the next level.  Bacon wrapped cinnamon rolls?  You better believe that is happening in the morning! 

This list includes 25 recipes all wrapped in bacon, everything from veggies, meats, fruits, even mac & cheese.  Is there anything you CAN’T wrap in bacon?

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James Bruno

James is a firefighter living in Texas with his wife, Emily of Grace and Good Eats, and their three kids. When not at the fire station, James is a hands on dad, playing with his kids and working around the house. 911 DAD is your first call for help with all things tech, travel, food, and family.