How To Pit Cherries

How to pit cherries using nothing more than a simple straw. This kitchen hack is a huge time saver! How to pit cherries easily in seconds. Affiliate links below.

bowl full of cherries

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been buying the end of season cherries every chance I get.  Cherry seasons is typically May – August, but a few stores around me still have a large selection at low prices even now in mid-September.

My wife, Grace and Good Eats, asked me what I planned to do with my pounds of cherries.  My oldest daughter and I love to snack on them, but there was no way we could eat that many cherries fast enough.  Emily made a big batch of her Bourbon Roasted Cherries for me with some of my haul.  I suggested that she make a pie, but apparently, these aren’t the right cherries for baking.  Who knew there were so many different kinds of cherries!

cherry with stem

We decided to freeze the rest of the cherries but I needed to remove the stem and pit from all of the cherries first.  After trying a few different methods for how to pit cherries, I finally found the easiest way.  It was simple; no fancy tools, minimal mess, and virtually no waste.

holding a cherry

If you are wondering how to pit cherries just remove the stem, grab a straw (like these straws that we use for smoothies) and shove it into through the top of the cherry.  The pit will pop right out.  Boom.  Done.

cherry with pit removed

Once I had a streamlined process it took me no time at all to remove the pit from my bushel of cherries.  Now they are all ready to be frozen individually… if they make it there before being eaten.

How to pit cherries using nothing more than a simple straw. This kitchen hack is a huge time saver! Easily remove cherry pits in seconds.

Watch this quick ten-second video to see how to pit cherries using a straw:

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