Printable Gift Card Holder

A free printable gift card holder perfect for pairing with a coffee gift card.  Print this free Santa or snowman printable to make giving a gift card feel extra special.

free gift card holder

Emily had LASIK a few weeks ago and I tried to be the helpful husband while she was recovering and take whatever I could off of her plate.  The docs told her to come home and nap after her procedure so I decided to take the kids with me to the store to give her a better chance of getting some uninterrupted rest.

santa gift card holder

On my way out the door, I asked her if she needed me to pick anything up while I was out and, to my surprise, she asked me to handle getting the gifts for the kids’ teachers.  Emily usually handles all of the gift buying.  And by all, I mean, all.  She buys all the birthday and Christmas presents and then I get to be just as surprised as the kids when they open them up – ha.  I hate to admit it but she buys all of her own presents, too… thank goodness “gifts” is not her love language because that area is not my strong suit.  I can empty a mean trashcan or whatever act of service she needs though.

printable gift card holder

Which is how I ended up purchasing the teacher gifts for her I suppose.  I decided to grab some extra school supplies (I hear dry erase markers are a hot commodity) and then added a safe coffee gift card for each.  Emily was pleased with all of my purchases and decided to make a printable gift card holder to go with them.

gift card holder

The girls thought these printable gift card holders were cute and loved giving them to their teachers.  Click the link below to download and print your own printable gift card holder:


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