Family Photo Shoot in Seoul | Welkinlight Photography

Looking for a photographer in Seoul? I cannot recommend Dylan Goldby of WelkinLight Photography enough!  Dylan shoots a variety of events such as family, editorial, pre-wedding, adoption, and more.  He is a joy to work with and his photos are stunning.

We had seen a few examples of adoption photo shoots in some of the various groups we’re in online and Dylan of WelkinLight Photography was, by far, everyone’s top suggestion for Seoul.  I bookmarked his website and crossed my fingers that he would be available when our custody date finally rolled around.

2016 via Becky Branch Photography

Family photos are a tricky thing.  Trying to coordinate the perfect outfits… trying to coordinate everyone’s moods… trying to bribe kids (and husband) into cooperating.  James and I are a decade into the rodeo-circus-cat wrangling operation that is family photos and know that with every added kid, you need to lower your expectations.

2017 via Bailey Eiland Photography

The last time we attempted family photos was to get the required photos to send off to Korea with our dossier.  In a rush to get that important packet out in the mail, I set up a tripod in our backyard and hoped for the best.  God seriously took mercy on me that day because they were some of the best photos of ALL of us to date.

2018 via Me & My Trusty Tripod

Until we met Dylan.

The minute we found out our official custody date, I e-mailed Dylan.  Again, God’s mercy and perfect timing, Dylan was actually returning from spending a few months in India the very weekend we needed him in Seoul!

Setting up the shoot and e-mailing about the details, I could already tell that Dylan was extremely professional and very caring.  I had initially inquired about his two-hour package, worried that we may need the extra time, but Dylan suggested that we start with just the first hour and take it from there.  He knows how delicate the transition can be for little ones and said that he didn’t want to add any stress.

Dylan continued to check-in via e-mail leading up to the day of the shoot and provided excellent communication.  We decided to go to Gyeongbokgung Palace as the location for our photos.  We had attempted a brief guided tour there the first week we were in Seoul but it was SO cold our kiddos couldn’t hang and we ended up cutting it short.  We wanted another chance to explore the grounds and I really wanted that quintessential palace backdrop for the photos to represent our time in Seoul.

Working with Dylan was so natural and effortless.  He was incredibly thoughtful and adoption-informed.  He eased in with the kids and allowed them to become comfortable with him before he started asking them to pose or look at the camera.  There was one time I was casually holding Eli’s wrist and he asked me to switch up my hands to a flat hand so that it didn’t look like I was forcing Eli or holding his hand down.  Such a tiny detail that showed his deep passion for what he does.

AND did I mention he is fluent in Korean?  Blew my mind when he started talking to Eli in full Korean.  Dylan himself is an Aussie national that said he moved to Korea to study the language (13 years ago) and never left.  So incredibly helpful for him to be able to converse with Eli and make him laugh, ask him to pose/ put his hands in his pockets, etc.

I’ll end this post with a few more photos from our session and say again that I highly, highly recommend WelkinLight Photography for any of your Seoul photography needs!!