Poopoo Land | Seoul, South Korea

Poopoo Land in Seoul, South Korea was a fun and interactive indoor activity for all ages.  We enjoyed shopping through Insadong and, of course, sampling some yummy chocolate poop bread!


It is Korea’s first poop theme park that contains various episodes related to “poop”.  Create a fun and unique memory with “Ssari” your poop friend and “Mari” the pet toilet paper at the Poop Theme Park.

The first part of Poopoo land is full of funny photo ops; plenty of butts and poop statues of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  The kids thought it was hilarious.  Turns out poop is universally hilarious for kids (and dads), no matter the age or language.  They also provide you with a worksheet to complete for added fun as you go through the exhibit.

After you take all of your poop selfies, you can move on to the digestive maze.  You enter in the mouth and exit… yep, you guessed it.  In between you’ll be met with different rooms of obstacles (pool noodles hanging from the ceiling, a tight maze with inflatable walls, a room full of yoga balls) to mimic the digestive process (the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine).

Note: There was one part in the beginning that requires you to go across a rope bridge where we had to carry Ian (our very tall three-year-old) through.  After that, he loved the rest of it.  The girls had a blast.  We actually went through twice.  If you want to go through again just make sure you don’t fully exit the theme park, instead you need to go back through a side door that shortcuts you back to the maze entrance.

Once you finish the maze, you plop out into a small play area.  There’s a giant poop slide that dumps you into a rainbow potty.  There was a room decorated like a dance club with neon colors and black lights and more photo opportunities throughout.

It cost 9,000 KRW (about $8 USD) per person (free under 36mo, verification required).  It didn’t take long to get through but the kids didn’t want to leave.  They probably would have happily gone through the maze a few more times.  With all of the horrible air quality Seoul has been having, this was a great indoor activity that let the kids burn off some energy.

After we finished up at Poopoo Land we did a little shopping in Insadong and stumbled upon a street vendor selling the infamous chocolate poop bread (thick, fried bread with chocolate filling).  He also had citron tea – our favorite!  It was the perfect ending to our poop-filled day. ????

James Bruno

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