Tech-Savvy Hunting Gear

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Hunter’s Kloak. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  You can find #HuntersKloak hunting gear products at your local Walmart. #HideYourStink


I grew up dove hunting with my stepdad when I was a kid not much older than my oldest daughter is now.  I don’t have a lot of memories of being very successful at it but I still always looked forward to spending time outdoors and getting out of the city.


Now that we have moved out to the country it has renewed my interest in hunting.  Many of our new friends out here in our small town are deer hunters.  We are surrounded by acres of dense trees and brush on our property and it is not uncommon at all to look out the kitchen window in the morning and see half a dozen deer grazing in our woods.

Get tech savvy with your hunting gear this season with Hunter's Kloak Mist System to conceal or attract deer.

I’m starting from scratch when it comes to acquiring hunting gear, so when Hunter’s Kloak offered to let me test out their lure and concealment mist system I was intrigued.

The Hunter’s Kloak™ Electronic Mist System is a game changer when it comes to the reduction of human odor in the field.  My favorite feature of this product is definitely that it isn’t a spray or topical solution.  Simply hang the electronic mister near you on a tree branch or from your stand and let the mist surround you.


The Hunter’s Kloak system includes the mister, lanyard, charging cable, and one Earth scented cartridge.  (Other scents include Acorn, Apple, and Sugar Beet.)  It emits 4 hours of time-controlled mist from any of their four concealment or attractant mists and each full battery charge will give you at least 5 hours of run time.

I found both setup and use to be extremely easy.  The Hunter’s Kloak mist system is a lightweight, affordable, and innovative tech-savvy addition to your hunting gear.

James Bruno

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