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Travel Accessories for Men: Sharing the ways I am intentionally packing my suitcase as I prepare to embark on a six-week visit to Seoul, including my favorite travel accessories for men.  This post is sponsored by JORD Watches.

travel accessories for men: a wooden Jord watch, passport, face mask, and Korean travel guide on a table

After over a year and a half of waiting, it is finally time for us to take our trip to South Korea to pick up our son.  We received official notice of our court hearing about two weeks ago and we have been in serious planning mode since.  Booking flights, an Airbnb, getting our older kids all squared away with taking an extended absence from school… let’s just say my wife has been completely in her element making to-do lists.

In the middle of all the trip chaos, I received a special package in the mail from JORD Watches.  (JORD = pronounced Yode)  They sent me one of their beautiful JORD wood watches– the “Frankie” in Koa and Ash.  I am thrilled that I received this guy before we left so that I can wear it on our trip.  Not only is it timeless and unique, but it is also incredibly lightweight and perfect for travel.

wooden watch box

JORD Wood Watches

JORD creates hand-crafted wood timepieces out of materials like bamboo, maple, olive, and sandalwood (among others).  You can read more about each type, including information about source, grain/texture, and sustainability on the JORD wood watches website.

The watch I received is created from Koa, a species native to Hawaii, and is widely considered to be the most beautiful of the native hardwoods.  Depending on the harvest season, Koa wood will produce tones that range from medium gold to reddish brown, similar to Mahogany.

close up of a men's Jord watch

Packing for an International Trip

Another thing that makes JORD wood watches perfect for travel is that they match so well with a variety of clothing options.  The classic wood tones and neutral ash face will compliment my blazer for our court appearance just as effortlessly as it will my dressed-down athleisure for sightseeing around Seoul.  Emily plans to leave her smartwatch at home and only travel with her JORD watch for the same reason.

As we planned for this trip, here’s what I tried to keep in mind while packing:

  • Make a list.  I am not a list guy at all but I did cave and create a packing list for this trip.  I typically subscribe to the idea that if all else fails we can just hit up Walmart at our destination… but given that this trip is going to be for 4-6 weeks and halfway across the world it made me put a little more thought into my packing process.  (Search online for a basic packing list in Excel format and then customize it to fit your needs.)
  • Plan to wash. We intentionally sought out an Airbnb that has its own washer/ dryer so that we could pack lighter.  (Most hotels also offer laundry service but this can be pricey.)
  • Pack light.  Lay out all your clothes together before putting them in the suitcase so you can see what you can mix and match (borrowed this tip from my wife… let’s be honest… Emily just did this step for me entirely.)

Travel Accessories for Men

As I said, I’m usually a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of guy and it’s not unusual for me to pack a bag the morning I leave for a trip.  As I made an effort to be more intentional about my packing, it opened my eyes to all of the awesome travel accessories for men.  Here’s what I picked up for this trip to South Korea:

  • A quality backpack- because we are checking bags, and because we will have 3(+1) kids with us, I wanted to keep my carry-on load as small as possible.  I grabbed a sturdy backpack for just the essentials.
  • Headphones- I didn’t spring for the noise-canceling, but if I was kid-free, I might have.  Hmm… maybe because I’m NOT kid-free, I should have?
  • Portable charger- I loaded up my wife’s iPad with all eight of the Harry Potter movies and packed my portable charger to get us through the 14 hour flight.
  • Leather gloves- The high in Seoul will be about what it is here in Texas (low 40’s) but the lows dip down into the teens there.  I invested in a nice pair of leather gloves and have been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed them even now before we leave.
  • Eye mask- I take a nap just about every day when I’m not at the fire station.  I know most international flights will provide one, but I’m partial to mine.
  • Universal Travel Adapter- definitely take the time to research what kind of adapter or converter you will need for your destination.
  • JORD Watch- my newest favorite travel accessory.  Taking a watch is a no-brainer and the JORD wood watches are perfectly lightweight and effortless.

wooden watch set on a book

According to JORD, “The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”  I remember that every time I check the time on my wrist now and I can’t imagine a better sentiment to take with me as I embark on this journey.

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You can follow along with our trip to South Korea on Instagram at @NineOneOneDad and @Farmette825.  (If you’re looking for my wife’s foodie accounts, try @GraceGoodEats or @FarmetteKitchen.)

Wooden Wrist Watch

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